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August 9, 2021

8 fun wedding trends to consider

While the pandemic has changed the way weddings unfold, it has brought us new trends that are fun and uplifting. Many couples look to add light-hearted and playful touches to their wedding day. Finding moments or elements that you can personalize can always make your wedding that much more fun. Here are eight fun wedding trends that I’m so excited to photograph this wedding season. 

Color Me Pretty

The use of bolder and modern color combos continues to gain popularity. From fresh yellows to jewel tones to dreamy desert-toned palettes, I love seeing these colors being infused creatively into weddings. Pops of color can add so much dimension to weddings during any season. Flowers, decor, stationery and attire are great ways to show off your color palette!

Colorful wedding floral ideas with bouquets wedding trends

Rethinking the Stationery

Who doesn’t adore unique and interesting stationery? Starting with your invite, consider adding either color, patterns or texture to match the vibe of your day. Your wedding day stationery such as programs, name cards, and menus should coordinate, giving your day a cohesive flow. Working with a smaller print budget? Consider focusing on your invitation instead, with a link to your wedding website and digital RSVP tools to replace the smaller, additional print needs.

Christine Quarte Photography Invitation Details with Fun Stationery wedding trends

Modern Jewelry

Both the couples and your wedding party oftentimes wear jewelry or accessories. Consider skipping the traditional pieces and opting for something more festive. You can wear non-traditional jewelry that’s colorful and modern. Colored gems, zodiac signs, and handmade pieces are all trending now. Try statement earrings or a fun pair of colorful socks.

Beautiful bridal details with fun jewelry

Be Bold & Beautiful 

Bold installations are a fun way to make a statement at your wedding venue. It might be a striking altar, funky photo booth, cool bar set-up, or beautiful chill-out area. You can use florals, greenery, signs, lighting, and interesting furniture to create that eye-catching visual. Guests always gravitate towards these fabulous features to enjoy that Instagram moment.

Interesting wedding arch

Let Me Entertain You

Live entertainment is sure to be memorable and meaningful for you and your guests. It gives them a bit more of an immersive experience to enjoy. You have endless options! From live musicians like cellists, harpists, singers, or cover bands to a caricature artist or wedding painter, which are great during cocktail hour. You can even consider interactive and immersive experiences, such as drink flights for tasting, DIY cocktail stations, games, ice cream bar and more.

Live wedding painting by Dianne McAlexander

Have A Seat

Lately, couples have been moving away from casual, open-seating to assigned spots. Providing assigned seating can make the guest experience a little less stressful since it helps establish a home base for their meal and their personal belongings. But with table assignments comes the need for a seating chart. Innovative assigned seating is back with couples and their wedding planners brainstorming to invent super creative presentations for seating charts and table name assignments. There are so many beautiful ways to display your guests’ table spots. From calligraphy on glass to a beautifully designed printout that matches your stationery. The innovation continues with dramatic tablescapes. 

Natural Vibes

Eco-friendly weddings are becoming the norm with mismatched plates, biodegradable materials, vintage decor, and recycled dresses and jewelry, all helping the worthy cause. Mother Nature is sitting at every table.

Wedding shoe details that are borrowed

That Wedding Party!

It’s cool to break with tradition when it comes to what your wedding party is wearing. Bridesmaids and groomsmen can be dressed in different colors, fabrics, or styles. Think quirky ties, themed socks, and even personalized undies for a dash of silliness. 

Fun wedding socks for wedding party wedding trends

Your day is likely already overflowing with joy and laughter. But these fun wedding trends are sure to give your guests a happiness boost. Once you start thinking about the latest trends, it can spark endless ideas, so I can’t wait to see what your wedding vision will include!

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