the lady behind the lens

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Photography for me started as a kid, breaking out the family film camera and taking summer photography lessons. Since then, my passion has grown to capturing those special moments for you. Whether it’s falling in love, making commitments, or celebrating milestones, I want to help you tell your story.

My photography style is vibrant and natural - a sort of bold editorial aesthetic with variations of modern and classic artistic influences. I love getting to know my clients' personalities, stories, and quirks- and then work to bring that out through my camera and in your photos. 



My husband and I married in Georgia in 2015 and we welcomed our first baby in fall 2020.

I’ve been dancing for 27+ years – when not behind the camera, I am teaching ballet + contemporary.

My Spotify playlists are filled with soundtrack + gaming music, 2000s rock, K-pop, and folksy music.


I’m a Slytherin – and my favorite Harry Potter books are Prisoner of Azkaban and Half-Blood Prince.

I am at my most creative and work best at night – and love all things lunar and celestial.

I took French in high school, and currently learning Norwegian and Korean. Men jeg forstår bare litt Norsk!