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September 29, 2021

Choosing the perfect engagement session location

You said “yes!” and now it’s time to plan your engagement photos. If you’re like me, choosing a place to eat dinner is a difficult decision – so choosing the perfect engagement session location can be even more difficult! The key to finding the right backdrop for your photos is matching it to who you are as a couple and what fits your personalities. Here are 3 possible routes you can consider when choosing a location, and then a bonus list of some of my top spots.

Choose a location that’s meaningful

Do you have a favorite date spot? Or maybe it’s the first place you met? Choosing somewhere that has meaning could bring your engagement photos to life, with personal touch.

Choose a location that fits your style

Do you love art? Enjoy the city life? Or maybe you guys feel super cozy right at home. Combine your interests and the session location makes the photos feel right, like it fits perfectly with your personalities.

Christine Quarte Photography - Westside Provisions District Choosing the perfect engagement session location
Westside Provisions District, Atlanta
Choose a location that’s opposite from your venue setting

During your wedding day, you’ll have plenty of photos around your venue. Consider picking an engagement session location that’s different from your wedding venue so you have more variety in your photos.

My top metro Atlanta locations for engagement sessions

Choosing the perfect engagement session location - Marietta Square
Marietta Square

Marietta Square

One of my favorite spots for engagement sessions, the Square offers a variety of backdrops from brick to greenery to industrial to small-town charm. There’s a touch of art in the center of a historic and beautiful town square. And plenty of small shops to add on to the end of your session for a little fun – such as bubble tea, beer or ice cream.

Christine Quarte Photography - Westside Provisions District
Westside Provisions District, Atlanta

Westside Provisions District

A perfect blend of historical and modern, this district has a ton of character. Pops of color, warm brick, and industrial structures create a city vibe without losing the fun and warmth of an arts district. It’s also a great spot if you want to incorporate a beer or ice cream in the photo!

Lullwater is the perfect engagement spot
Lullwater Preserve

Lullwater Preserve

This spot offers many scenic walking and running trail loops nestled within Emory University’s North Decatur campus near Atlanta. It’s got an interesting bridge and mini waterfall too! Perfect in any season of the year. See more >>

Summerhill Engagement Session Spot
Summerhill Atlanta

Summerhill Atlanta

Shooting along Georgia Ave and outside of Little Tart is best early in the morning or in the afternoon after the sun isn’t so harsh. The neighborhood has become a dining hot spot, perfect for a date after your photoshoot! Filled with lots of beautiful murals too.

Red  Top State Mountain Engagement Photography engagement session location
Red Top Mountain State Park

Red Top Mountain State Park

At just under forty miles from Atlanta, you will find ferny pine forests to stunning views of Lake Allatoona. The park’s trails wind through the forest, catching beautiful reflective views from the lakeshore, and offering a fantastic spot for a photoshoot. See more >>

Choosing the perfect spot
Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta / Centennial Park

It’s known for its lively and energetic vibe. It’s perfect for a lifestyle session where we can walk around, goof off in the park, and have some iconic buildings and spots in the backdrop. At the park, you will find fountains, which make for wonderful “in the moment” photos.

Engagement photos inspiration Atlanta perfect engagement session location
S.O.S Tiki Bar

At your favorite date spot

What more perfect place than your favorite date spot, filled with great memories and good times? It’s your chance to really capture that moment, bonus points for an amazing back story! This could be your favorite cafe, restaurant or park. Maybe even a picnic or activity too.

Sope Creek is a beautiful engagement spot
Sope Creek

Sope Creek

This park offers an easy half-mile hike to some incredible stone ruins of a paper mill next to a beautiful creek. It’s surrounded by trees and a glassy pond, the variety of scenery offers endless fodder for photography. See more >>

At home engagement session perfect spot for engagement sessions
At your own home!

In your own home

An in-home photoshoot is a creative way to incorporate your own homes into your engagement photos. Your photos will feel super cozy and relaxed! It can be easier to bring in your furbabies into the photos too.

Marietta Engagement Photography Choosing the perfect spot

Green Meadows Preserve

This spot offers quiet woodlands and meadows perfect for a backdrop. Tons of space for a sun shot at the open field. During the spring and summer, the gardens are bloomed with colorful flowers too. Check it out >>

Choosing the perfect engagement session location

Choosing a location for your engagement photos can be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be. I hope you’ve found this list of some of my favorite spots helpful. As always, connect with your photographer to share your vision and they can share more ideas too. What are your favorite spots for photos?

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