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November 1, 2021

Ways to share your wedding photos

You did it – you both said “yes” and partied the night away. Just because your wedding day is over, it doesn’t mean the excitement has to end. The beauty of wedding photography is that it enables you to relive that special day over and over again. But once it’s gallery delivery time, you want to share all the exciting photos with family and friends – but how? The trick can be gathering all these photos in one place so friends and family are in on the fun too. Thankfully, there are ways to easily gather and share your wedding photos with all your guests – it’s just about finding a way that’s right for you:

Post your favorites on social media

This is an easy way to share your images – by sharing on social, people can engage and interact with the photos – whether they were right there with you on your wedding day or they were toasting you from afar. There are tons of ways to share on social media – from profile pics and cover photos to a full album on your profile on Facebook. Or maybe it’s an Instagram reel or carousel post of your favorites from the day. If you feel uncomfortable blasting your photos for all to see, consider creating a private album for attendees only.

Wedding day portraits in Summerhill Atlanta

Put a stamp on it

Many couples choose to include a photo from their wedding day on a personalized ‘thank you’ card to guests. Consider checking with your wedding photographer to see if they can share a few of your sneak peek photos to include in the card. Consider printing photos from your wedding gallery and gifting them to friends and family. It could be the fun candid shots from the dance floor or the formal photos that showcase the whole family. Everyone can appreciate a beautiful printed photo.

Sharing your wedding photos from wedding day moments

Leveraging cloud sharing

Cloud file sharing makes sending large files—like a folder of photos—fast, easy, and manageable. It also has a much bigger capability than email attachments. This could be a great option for sharing photos with your closest friends and family so they can download the photos they’d like at their own leisure.

Brewery wedding portrait - sharing photos

Check with your photographer

All photographers operate a little differently – some photographers focus more on prints while others are more digitally focused. Today, many photographers deliver your wedding gallery on an online gallery and include a custom link. This is generally the easiest and effortless way to share photos with friends and family. This way they can look, choose and download their favorites on their own time, without having to come directly to you.

Wedding day moments during the reception

Consider the next steps for sharing your wedding photos

As always, consider who you are giving access to and how much access they are getting when sharing photos. If there are more private moments during your wedding day, you may consider posting highlights on social media. Or if you’d like your immediate family to have access to the whole day, then sharing your gallery link might be the most practical option. Always consider your audience and designate just how much access you want them to have – and let that drive your decision on sharing. Hopefully, you’ve found these tips helpful in sharing your post-wedding day photos! Check out some more creative ideas here.

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