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December 21, 2021

Planning your Georgia elopement

Elopements and intimate weddings have been a growing wedding day option – especially in the past couple of years. Micro-weddings took off in 2020 and continue to grow in popularity as couples re-evaluate their vision for their big day. For couples, it’s key to think about what’s important to have or do. Is it more about gathering a small group of really close family or friends? Incorporating traditions from your family or relationship? Is it having a festive large party with lots of dancing? Is it exchanging vows in front of an epic spot with just the two of you? There are so many ways to get married – it’s just about finding the right fit. Elopements can be the perfect fit for some couples! So, ready for planning your Georgia elopement?

Eloping has a different set of planning requirements. It’s generally far less planning and logistics than a large wedding event. But that’s doesn’t mean it’s easy either. Couples still put a lot of thought and effort into the preparation and coordination for an elopement-style ceremony. One big thing to tackle – finding the perfect spot.


Whether it’s the rushing waterfalls, mountains, or unique beaches, Georgia has something for everyone! The beauty of Georgia is how vast the different environments are and can really help create unforgettable elopements… from flowers blooming, glistening lakes, rolling hills, and deep historical roots infused with a southern appeal.

Still trying to decide the backdrop of yours? Here’s a list of beautiful places to consider for your elopement in Georgia:

Other ideas could be a small hometown square, your favorite vineyard, a lakeside dock, on a boat, in a museum – so many options! You could also choose a couple of spots. Maybe you get married in one location, then explore some of your favorite spots after “I Do” with your photographer… playing games, getting coffee, going to a bar, etc.

Cator Woolford Gardens - Micro Wedding First Look
Cator Woolford Gardens


Still trying to decide when? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What season do you envision? Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
  • What scenery and landscapes do you like? Indoors, outdoors?
  • What activities would you like to do on your day? Are you up for a hike or want something with less walking needed?

One way to figure out what is important when it comes to your wedding day is by writing down at least three things that are a priority. Is it a great photographer, flowers, having family with you? Is it having an epic backdrop? Share these with each other and prioritize!

Planning your Georgia Elopement at Sope Creek Wedding Elopement Ideas
Sope Creek, Marietta GA

An important thing to remember when planning your elopement: always check with the locations to understand their rules. Some locations may be available and open, while others may require a fee, reservation, or permit, even for an elopement. Also especially for the elopements in natural locations, it’s important to leave it cleaner than when you arrived, leave no trace and stay in permitted areas for both the safety of you, the park’s residents, and the park itself.


Do you have a favorite spot that would be perfect to elope? Leave your recommendations below 👇👇👇

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