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July 1, 2022

Choosing the wedding that’s right for you

Should you have a wedding or elopement? For some couples, you may already know your answer. But for others, you might still be deciding what’s right for you. Between the overall experience, the difference in cost, and family and societal expectations, there are several things to consider when deciding if you want to have an elopement or a wedding. Here are some of the questions you could ask yourself when choosing the wedding that’s right for the two of you…

Things to consider when choosing a traditional wedding, elopement or microwedding

Outdoor wedding ceremony with friends and family

How many guests do you envision?

This is one of the biggest contrasts between a traditional wedding and an elopement ceremony. Most traditional weddings have a guest list with 50 to 200+ guests. Elopements on the other hand are generally less than 15 guests. A micro-wedding generally falls between 20-40 guests. Ultimately, choosing how big you’d like your wedding to be will help shape whether you’re looking at an elopement, an intimate ceremony, or a larger celebration.

How long do you want to plan?

Weddings generally involve more planning time than an elopement, and having a higher guest count is a big factor. Creating seating charts and schedules, organizing dinner, finding the right entertainment. These are all things that couples typically oversee in a traditional wedding, but may appear on a much smaller scale for an elopement. And if you still want a party later, you can always plan an elopement after party!

Choosing the wedding for you - backyard wedding inspiration

What type of venue would you like?

An elopement can happen almost anywhere you can think of – local parks, historic landmarks, gorgeous beaches, to name a few. You can choose a place that is meaningful to you and your partner. This could bewhere you had your first date or a special vacation you took. Traditional weddings need more structure – including a reserved event space to accommodate the number of people. Elopements do sometimes require a reservation too depending on where you’d like to get married, but the space requirements are much smaller.

Where would you want to spend your budget?

Did you know that the average wedding in the US can cost anywhere between $20-$30k? If you have always dreamed of having a big party with all your favorite people, a wedding is probably the right choice for you. That is what you are paying for after all — to celebrate with your loved ones. Elopement ceremonies, on the other hand, are typically less expensive. Particularly due to no/limited guests, different venue requirements and catering costs.

Things to consider when choosing the wedding that’s right for you

At home wedding - choosing the wedding - atlanta wedding

Both weddings and elopements can be deeply personal and breathtakingly beautiful, no matter what you envision for your big day. It all depends on your style and personal preferences at the end of the day. So what’s your style – a traditional wedding or an elopement?

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