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December 8, 2022

2023 wedding trends we hope to see

As we come to the end of 2022, we are starting to look forward to 2023 wedding trends and all of the fun couples are planning. It’s always exciting to see what new trends emerge when we go into a new wedding season. Here are 12 trends that I either hope to see more of in 2023 or expect to carry over into the new year:

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What to hope to see for 2023 wedding trends

Non-Traditional Reception Songs

Gone are the days of wedding receptions full of only group dance songs, Y-M-C-A, and all those familiar party hits you’ve heard through the years. Now we are seeing couples choose more nostalgic rock and hip hop music to lure their guests to the dance floor. Get ready for some classic rock, and 90’s hip hop moves to hit the dance floor at your 2023 wedding!

Glow Sticks

With everyone on the dance floor getting down to some throwback tunes, we see couples creating even more of a fun party vibe with glow sticks. Forget saving them just for the exit – wedding guests are loving this trend and are hitting the dance floor with glow sticks in hand for the ultimate party experience. We’re seeing everything from glow sticks to glowing glasses, headbands, hats and more. Then you’re all set to use them for your grand exit! It makes for some fun, colorful reception photos too.

Incorporating Pets

Many of our couples have a fur baby that is part of the family and therefore an absolute must to include in their wedding day. We see this trend of incorporating your pet(s) into the wedding day continuing as a 2023 wedding trend. Whether it’s a signature cocktail or photo session with your pup, we’re here for it! And it doesn’t just have to stop with dogs – one of my favorites is the cat cut-outs for this couple’s photo booth!

Mini Dresses

Mini dresses were a big trend on the 2023 bridal runway. It’s no surprise we are already seeing brides opt for this fun, flirty look at the reception. Personally, I’m a big fan of Abby’s dress shown here that had a detachable skirt to become a mini dress for later in the evening.

Welcome Parties

After many couples have had to postpone their wedding over the past two years, we are seeing more couples include a welcome party on their wedding weekend. Couples want to make the most of having all of their friends and family together. They are choosing to host drinks and light bite’s for guests the evening before the wedding day. We see this trend continuing into 2023 weddings as couples are going all in on creating a memorable weekend for themselves and their guests!

Large Seating Charts

We’re seeing less of the small name cards with your seat assignment and something more impactful. Couples are now taking a more modern and creative approach. Large form seating charts decked with florals and personal touches from the couple are definitely a trend this year. This can be a big moment of the wedding design and guests are loving how creative couples are getting.

Additional First Looks

You’ve chosen the perfect dress, spent hours getting glammed up, and you are ready for the big reveal. But not only just with your partner. We are seeing more and more brides opt for a first look with their own VIP’s. I love capturing these moments with friends, family, and partners. These first looks are becoming a favorite and I hope to see more in 2023! And first looks don’t only have to be for brides! Grooms can do them too with their family and friends to get them hyped up for the day.

Dresses with Sleeves

Probably my absolute favorite ones – sleeved wedding dresses have been a trend that has trickled in over the years and I want MORE OF IT! In 2022 we saw more brides opting for a dress with sleeves that has this perfectly chic and romantic look. I’m personally loving this wedding dress trend and hope to see more with 2023 wedding trends for Georgia weddings. Bonus points when the sleeves are removable for an easy updated reception dress look. If you don’t want sleeves or a veil, you can also incorporate a cape for that added fabric for your ceremony.

Groom’s Details

This year we have seen more attention to detail given to the groom’s attire and details. Unique cufflinks and a custom patterned suit lining are just a couple of ways we’ve seen grooms add something special to their wedding day look. I love seeing grooms show their creative and fun side in their outfit choices, beyond the suit rental. Ideas could be personalized cufflinks, fun socks, custom tailored suits, unique ties, or even hand-sewn messages inside the jacket lining.

Statement Jewelry

Statement earrings, beaded belts, and chunky bracelets are all making a comeback. Sparkle has always been a popular option. But themed statement jewelry like Sarah Louies’s gold leaf earrings are a fun and unexpected option to finish off your wedding day look. And we’re seeing more pops of color get added into accessory touches too.

Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations have been a big trend for 2022 couples. These are so fun and bring a unique personal touch to wedding day details. Whether it’s pets, cocktails, or your own personal portrait, we definitely see more of this going forward as a 2023 wedding trend.

2023 wedding trends – what do you hope to see?

We love capturing these fun details and can’t wait to see more 2023 wedding trends. If you’re getting married in 2023 and love fun photography details like these, reach out!

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