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March 30, 2023

Must-have photos from your wedding day

You want your wedding day to be one of the most special and memorable days of your life, and it’s important to capture all the joy and love that comes with it. When you look back at your wedding photos, you want to remember all the fun details, silly moments, and quiet emotions that make up such a momentous occasion. A professional wedding photographer will document all those moments in a photographic journey for you two. But every photographer has their favorite photos to capture! Here are some of my favorite must-have photos when capturing your wedding to help you remember your happiest day ever:


Must-have wedding photos for your Atlanta wedding

Your “second kiss” after the ceremony

You’ve exchanged vows, said “I Do”, kissed each other for the first time as an officially wedded couple… and now it’s time to walk down the aisle. But wait! Before you leave your ceremony area, I always love having couples stop at the end of the aisle for that ‘second kiss’. Why? It captures a celebratory moment of you two with all of your guests in the background too! Especially if you have friends and family who show off their enthusiasm by smiling or waving. Definitely one of my favorite must-have photos in your wedding gallery.

Must-have wedding photos for your Atlanta wedding

A silly photo that shows your personalities

You’ll take beautiful portraits – both posed and candid – throughout the day, but don’t go without a photo that shows off your personalities. A silly or fun photo is always a must-have… for some couples, it could be as simple as making a funny face at each other, causing laughter and letting off some nerves. For other couples, it could be a specific pose that is tied to some inside joke. And for some, it could be something fun and active, like a jumping photo! These are great to do either at the end of your couples portrait time before the ceremony, or just before cocktail hour/reception where you can let loose a little bit. And hey, it doesn’t just have to be the married couple – bring in your wedding party too!

Fun wedding day photos from Atlanta wedding

That quiet moment before the ceremony

On wedding day, there will be lots of people around ensuring everything runs smoothly before walking down the aisle—from family members wishing you luck or friends helping you get ready. But with my couples, there is generally a 20+ minute window just before the ceremony, after you’ve been tucked away, where the chaos turns into a quiet moment to reflect and anticipate. I love capturing those moments just before I head to the ceremony space… whether the couple is together or in separate rooms, these photos can often give off a few different emotions – peaceful, calm, excitement and anticipation. Or maybe it’s with friends, where your excitement is building up together.

Must-have wedding photos for your Atlanta wedding

Celebratory photos

What’s a wedding without a celebratory moment! The big day is perfect for celebrations – with each other, with your family and your friends. There are so many natural moments throughout the day, and I love when I’m able to capture a moment where the celebration embodies the day. This shot could be the couple dancing together in front of all your guests—arms raised in joy, smiles wide, owning every second of their celebration! It could also be a cheering photo after we photograph a formal photo with friends and family. It could also be something fun with your wedding party, in the moments after your ceremony where emotions are on a high!

Atlanta wedding party photo

With these pictures capturing moments big and small, laughs loud and soft, and joy both solemn and silly—your wedding album will be something truly special forevermore! What are your favorite photos from a wedding day?

What are some of your favorite must-have photos?

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