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March 19, 2022

Bridesmaid dress trends

You’ve picked your dress – now what about your wedding crew? Let’s talk about bridesmaid dress trends and ideas on how you can style your wedding entourage.

For 2022, we can expect to see weddings full of earthy colors, mix-and-match styles, and jewel tones. Here are 6 styles that I anticipate seeing, and what love to see for upcoming weddings:


Bold colors

For the bold and adventurous bride, a palette packed with color can be fun. And bold and bright dresses could take that theme to the next level. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. You can opt-in for richer tones like gold, rust clay, and mustard yellow to keep it toned down.

Bridesmaid color inspiration

Black dresses (classy and sophisticated)

Research shows that black is the hottest shade of the season and is predicted to be even bigger for 2023 weddings! Bridesmaids in black really make a statement. It’s a chic choice that suits everyone. Your bridesmaids would also be happy to have a dress that they can wear over and over again!

Satin fabric (elegant, and perfect for winter weddings)

This one has been quite popular in 2020 for dresses, but have you considered satin bridesmaids’ dresses? The slinky fabric lights up every skin tone and wedding color palette. It will definitely make your bridesmaid feel a little more glamorous and glossy. Bonus points to its luster and almost velvet-like appearance which always photographs beautifully.


Bridesmaid dress trends satin dress

Color palette style (different colors – all in the same palette)

This style can help you create a fresh and unique look for your special day. To choose your palette, I recommend your local paint store and pick swatches of colors you like that match your theme. Then let your wedding party divide out the color choices. I love when brides give their ‘maids freedom to choose mismatched dresses for the big day. Whether you love neutrals, airy pastels, rich tones, or a mixture of them all, there’s plenty to choose from, and gives your bridesmaids SO much room for different dress styles too! Check out this blog on tips on picking a palette that works.

mismatched bridesmaid dress ideas atlanta wedding


Jewel tones are a collection of various colors that resemble vibrant gemstones, and it’s been a massive hit over the last year, and for bridesmaid dresses too! All manner of emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz, and garnet shades made a comeback. It’s the perfect palette for a classy and sophisticated wedding, and can look great on anyone.

‘Cottagecore’ Bridesmaids Dresses

In my previous post on 2022 wedding trends, we talked about Bridgeton-Inspired Weddings. So you can only expect that the cottagecore aesthetic is also going to show up on bridesmaids too. This charming trend has gained its popularity on TikTok and Pinterest, and is a nod to traditional English countryside style, with romantic and nostalgic vibes.


Wedding bridesmaid dress trends

Which style is your favorite from these bridesmaid dress trends?

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