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April 29, 2020

8 things to include in your photo packing list

Imagine it. You’re getting your makeup done, spending time with your family and friends, enjoying that tasty glass of wine… and getting what feels like a 1,000 questions asked from your photographer. Let’s just say we can help avoid that last one with a little prep work before the big day! Let’s call it the “photo packing list”.

Typically your wedding photographer will start off grabbing shots of the little details – your dress, your jewelry, your personal touches. My couples and I work together during their last wedding planning session to talk through their photographer’s packing list, so they can proactively plan to have these items together beforehand. Your photographer can easily grab the items upon arrival, while it saves you from scrambling through your stuff on the day-of while you’re trying to get your hair styled or lipstick applied.

A full wedding Invitation set for photo packing list

Here are the top 8 things to include in your ‘photo packing list’ for your photographer:

  1. A full wedding invitation set
  2. Both sets of engagement/wedding rings (bonus if there’s a ring box)
  3. Outfit accessories (jewelry, watch, wedding shoes, tie clip)
  4. Your dress (and veil if you have one)
  5. Something Old / New / Borrowed / Blue (if you’re doing this)
  6. Sentimental Items (if you have any)
  7. Flowers (if they’re where you’re getting ready)
  8. Non-plastic hanger for your dress (wooden, personalized, velvet)

Non-plastic hanger example for wedding dress for photo packing list

Every wedding is unique. You may have other items such as handmade decor or personalized programs that are important to capture. Just remember to communicate with your photographer during your wedding planning meetings so they can make sure to plan to capture certain special items on the day-of.

What are some other items you plan to include in your ‘photo packing list’? Comment below to share! And be sure to check out some other wedding day tips for a smooth, stress-free day.

Looking for wedding detail inspiration? Click here to see my Pinterest board with examples of detail shots!

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