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June 15, 2021

Photogenic wedding florals

Wedding florals present the opportunity to bring your color palette and event theme to life. They can add personality and depth to your details. And it gives couples the chance to show a bit of their personal taste in their décor. The beauty of flowers is that there are SO MANY OPTIONS. And they are all so beautiful. How do you even begin your search in picking photogenic wedding florals, that work with your color scheme and season? I connected with one of Atlanta’s talented florists and event designers, beautiful/wild design, to hear what her favorite flowers for wedding day were.

Let’s see what Andrea Richardson, owner and creative designer, has to share about her top flowers:

Bridal bouquet florals by beautiful/wild design - Christine Quarte Photography
Bridal bouquet by beautiful/wild design


I love flowers that have great stamina, so they’re sturdy enough to hold up out of water for bouquets and boutonnières, or an installation like a ceremony arch. They also all come in a wide variety of colors, so they’re perfect for most any color palette.


I call these guys the George Clooney of flowers – they just get better with age! They have tons of ruffles and when they open fully they’re gorgeous. They pair well with roses to give some variety to a garden style arrangement. 

Wedding bouquet by Pearl and Sky Events - Christine Quarte Photography
Bouquet by Pearl and Sky Events

Butterfly ranunculus 

My all time favorite flower. They have the staying power of standard ranunculus but a delicate and dainty bloom. I love to leave these tall so they can float above heavier blooms to add depth. They pair perfectly with a lush garden style or a free spirited wildflower style – they’re super versatile and always classic. 


A lot of clients don’t want to include roses because they feel too traditional or just boring, and that’s fine! Roses aren’t right for all events, so I never default to them. However, besides being very sturdy, there are thousands of varieties of roses in all sizes and colors, so they can be a great choice to bring in those perfect nuanced colors. I never leave them tight and closed, I always open them as much as possible to show off those layers of petals so their full color spectrum can shine. 

Photogenic wedding florals by k&co floral design - Christine Quarte Photography
Florals by k&co floral design


These guys get a lot of shade thrown their way, unfairly in my opinion. They’re the guy everyone says isn’t good enough for you when they can actually be amazing when put to work in the right way. Besides being super sturdy and adding lots of texture, they come in some very sophisticated colors for modern and subtle palettes. 

Wedding cake florals by Abby's at the Cottage - Christine Quarte Photography
Florals by Abby’s at the Cottage


These are a great alternative to roses when the style is less traditional and more wildflower. They’re elegant yet light, and have great movement with a subtle ruffly bloom. Lisianthus are perfect for bud vases or larger arrangements since they look great on their own and play well with others. 

Wedding florals from Stems Atlanta, bouquet designed by Moonflower Design - Christine Quarte Photography
florals from Stems Atlanta, bouquet designed by Moonflower Design


Choosing the perfect florals can be a little overwhelming, but this list is a great place to start. Connecting with floral designers like Andrea with beautiful/wild design, helps as you can share your vision for your wedding day and they can guide you to the flowers that best fit your color palette, season and theme. Another fun idea could be choosing your florals based on your Zodiac sign. Thanks Andrea for sharing your insights into some of the sturdy yet photogenic florals for wedding day décor and details.

For more tips on wedding day details, be sure to check out the article on ‘things to include in your photo detail packing“.

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