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August 24, 2021

Something Blue // Wedding Lucky Charms

Whether you are looking to follow traditions or just want to add a little charm to your wedding day details, incorporating “something blue” can be fun and easy.  The ‘blue’ stands for love and faithfulness. But with all the tasks on your wedding planning to-do list, finding this small detail could feel cumbersome. Whether you’re looking for unique ideas or trying to make things a little easier, here are 9 ways to incorporate ‘something blue’ into your wedding day details.

Ways to incorporate something blue into your wedding day

Wedding shoes

Details such as your wedding shoes can bring a hint of sophistication and subtlety as your blue item. Depending on how much bright, bold or subdued you want to be, there is a wide range of blues to choose from. If you like subtle, try slate blue or navy. For bold brides, a pair of royal or sapphire pumps will make a statement. For the chic look, you can try baby blue or powder blue. And, if you only want a hint of color, you can always opt for adding a small detail like a stone, ribbon or hidden message decal for a dash of color. 

Blue shows with a touch of blue flowers

Floral bouquet 

Blue flowers are rare and beautiful; depending on the season and location of your wedding, you can find varieties like hydrangea, delphinium, anemone, agapanthus, allium, iris, and eryngium. Ask your wedding florist if they can source any of them and add to your bouquet. You can also add blue to your bouquet with ribbons. Cascading ribbons have been a popular trend over the past couple of years. Either add a long hand-died silk ribbon or adding a charm to the wrap.  

Something blue in your wedding bouquet bridal inspiration

Heirloom jewelry

Pieces of jewelry with family history serve more than one purpose; not only will you have something blue, but you will also have something borrowed and something old. Family traditions can be a meaningful way to honor your ancestors. Consider wearing a piece that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

Blue gemstones in wedding band add something blue

Hidden stitch on the dress

When blue is a color that does not match the color palette you’ve chosen for your big day, you have the option to have a secret wedding day charm. Some great ideas are to add the date of your wedding, your initials, or your new family name. Be sure to tell your photographer so it doesn’t get missed in the detail photos! 

wedding day hidden details blue


Another hidden moment could be what’s under the dress. Find a comfortable and beautiful set with embellishments like lace in a gorgeous shade of blue. Or infuse the color in a garter. It will be your little secret, while still following this tradition. If you are doing robes for getting ready, you can also consider wearing a blue robe instead of white!


Veils are one of the more traditional details for wedding day – but you can consider having a veil with a twist. Try a blue short veil or maybe even an ombre floor length veil! It’ll stand out and infuse a bit of blue into your wedding attire. This will be a surprising detail for your guests and be a unique pop of color for your photos too. 

Bridesmaid dresses

If you don’t particularly want to wear the color, consider having something blue stand next to you! Blue is a perfect bridal party color palette. There is such a variety of shades that offer different aesthetics. From vibrant and fun to subtle and sophisticated blues. When choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses, you can either consider varying hues for each of them (all set within a certain tone) or even floral patterns! Some of my favorite bridal party dresses can be found at BHLDN, Lulu’s, Birdy Grey and Nordstrom.

Blue bridesmaid inspiration for wedding


How about arriving or leaving the party in style with a blue car? Find a model that suits the aesthetic and overall theme of your wedding. For example, if you are hosting a vintage or romantic wedding, why not hire a classic 1930s or 1950s car in a wonderful pastel tone. And for a modern couple, a sporty or exotic car. Having something blue in four wheels will make it extra special. Plus, you will have a beautiful backdrop for your arrival and departure wedding photos. 

Tiny details 

Details are where you can incorporate this color endlessly, and they are a great alternative for brides who rather go small. If you are into nail art, you can ask your nail artist to draw a tiny blue flower or an abstract line on your ring finger as a fun accent for all those ring photos. Another idea is to wear blue sunglasses for a fun photo, especially for those spring and summer weddings.

wedding bouquet inspiration for bold colors

I hope you found some inspiration in these ideas and have a better idea of ways you can incorporate something blue into your wedding day. Remember, there is no need to make it big or elaborate. No matter the size of the detail, you can still infuse this bit of blue fun into your day. 

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