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September 21, 2021

Biggest wedding trends for 2022

With 2021 nearing a close, and 2022 in view, it’s time to start talking about upcoming trends in the wedding industry. With no guarantees what the world will look like next year, we can still make some predictions on what trends might be popular.

We had some amazing trends – both new and old – pop up in 2021. And without a doubt, it will continue to inspire couples as they plan their big day. I’m excited to say: elopements, Bridgerton-blue dresses, sustainability, and supporting small businesses are here to stay.

Overall, couples are generally making everything more intentional, focusing on the ceremony, creating more personalized details, and really including their guests in the experience.

Here are 6 biggest wedding trend predictions of 2022 that we can expect to see:

The biggest wedding trends you can expect to see in 2022

Bridgeton-Inspired Weddings

With many obsessed with the show and anticipating the next season, cottage-core aesthetic with empire-waist wedding dresses, lace, and pops of Regency Blue can be predicted to make an appearance at many weddings.

eBay has reported a 205% rise in searches for ‘puff-sleeved wedding dress’ as inspired by Daphne, Lady Whistledown and co.

This one is also an extremely romantic theme. But still quite easy to match venues and dresses without seeming too “themed”. Even if you don’t want to go all-in, you can find touches to embed into your day with your details, decor, or attire.

Wedding Trend Lace Wedding Details for Bride

Sober Curious Weddings

There’s been a large rise in searches for maternity wedding dresses and guest dresses – so we can expect we’ll see a rise in more pregnant or breastfeeding wedding guests too. There are also those who’ve chosen to re-evaluate their alcohol intake during quarantines and lockdowns. As a result, you might have less alcohol consumption at weddings.

As many people are choosing to avoid or reduce their alcohol intake for personal or wellness reasons, it’s more and more popular for couples to put alcohol-free alternatives on their menu. There’s a lot of opportunity for fun and flavorful drinks, minus the alcohol too. Other non-alcoholic touches you can have are coffee bars! Barista-level coffee stations and experiences have started to pop up, but I predict (and hope to see) more of these make an appearance in the guest experience.

Wedding Day Coffee Stations for Trends

Micro weddings and Elopements

Particularly starting in 2020 with large event shutdowns, we saw a huge rise in intimate weddings. Most of these weddings with fewer than 30 guests. And for many couples, they chose to elope. The pandemic has had a huge impact on people financially, but also our view on a comfortable number of people in a single space.

Elopements and micro weddings can be chic, budget-friendly, and as personal as they possibly can be. This trend is creating a more personal and emotional vibe, and showing us that even small weddings can still be fun. For many couples, more intimate weddings are a better fit for their personality!

Glam backyard micro wedding

Sustainable weddings

Weddings tend to generate a lot of ‘stuff’: decor, flowers, dresses, disposables, etc. Many couples are opting for eco-friendly options to make a smaller impact and better green-friendly decisions on their wedding day. It is an increasingly current trend as more people are more aware of their footprint than ever. Conveniently, it is also a trend that blends well with minimalist, country-chic and boho-eclectic themes. It’s all about putting the environment first. Ideas could be using recycled paper for wedding stationery, locally sourced menus, vegan food options, and upcycled jewelry.

An eco-friendly wedding can also naturally fall into an Earthy and Nature-Inspired Palettes (my favorite!). Whether it’s in the decor, the attire, the food, or all of the above, we can expect to see more environmentally-conscious wedding decisions continue to be a priority for couples.

Eco friendly wedding invitation suite for wedding trends

Something “borrowed”: your wedding dress

The spike in interest in renting your wedding dress comes from two places. Partially from eco-consciousness decisions. But also partially from viral headlines such as Carrie Symonds when she married Boris Johnson this year. Her Christos Costarellos-designed ivory tulle and silk gown retailed at approximately $4K but was rented for less than $100.

Upcycled guest attire and wedding party outfits can be expected at 2022 weddings. Especially as consumers continue to search for ways to reduce their impact on the environment and save money too.

The global online clothing rental market is expected to grow by nearly $990 million over the next four years. Expect more specialist wedding dress rental services to emerge.

Wedding bands upcycled

Shop and support local businesses

Very evident on social media over the past 18 months, we saw many people starting their own, or focusing on supporting small businesses. Couples do have this in mind and reach out for local recommendations – especially through the power of social media. Leveraging online platforms and word of mouth, they seek out vendors and businesses that are local to them to help bring to life their vision. This can help bring a more unique touch to your wedding day too. Many times you can receive more personalized goods or services with small businesses, rather than something that’s more nationally produced.

What are your predictions for wedding trends for 2022?

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