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June 4, 2021

8 interesting eco-friendly wedding ideas to consider

You spend months planning your wedding – pulling in detail after detail for the big day. But it can be easy to accumulate waste after a wedding day. Many couples have the notion that to plan a green wedding, many personalized and lavish details have to be excluded. However, I am here to share that you can still have a personalized wedding, without the disposable things. Here are 8 amazing eco-friendly wedding ideas that will level up your whole celebration and be a little friendlier to our environment:

Eco-friendly wedding ideas to shrink your wedding day footprint

Biodegradable confetti exit ideas for eco-friendly wedding

Bio-degradable confetti

Who doesn’t love a celebratory exit, or post-ceremony pop of color? If you want to use confetti, ditch the most commonly used plastic-based confetti and swap them for biodegradable ones. You can also use seeds, leftover petals, or dried lavender! As always, be sure to check your venue’s rules before purchasing any tossed items for exits.

Home-sourced or thrifted centerpieces

There’s nothing like personal décor like the one you use to decorate your own home! Consider using the elements in your home like vintage tables, vases, candles, frames, old mirrors, etc.; and curate your centerpieces that will be made from special elements and carry a deeper meaning. You can also thrift many details and transform them into an absolutely gorgeous statement pieces! Maybe do the opposite: invest in wedding day pieces that doubles as future home décor. This way the pieces will continue their life outside the big day into your home.

Recycled and sustainable dresses

Consider either renting or purchasing a pre-owned dress! Or my favorite – buy from dedicated artists who design with sustainable fabrics! Slow fashion is taking over the wedding industry and I simply adore the passion and devotion behind it. Also consider this idea with your wedding party too. Instead of purchasing new dresses, have them look in their own closet. You could also empower them to purchase a dress of their choosing that fits in your color scheme.

Eco-friendly ideas - edible favors

Green-friendly party favors – such as edible treats or plants

Looking for the perfect party favor that your guests will love can be a little overwhelming. Consider a green-friendly keepsake that your guests will enjoy. A potted plant or seeds to nurture will remind them of your love that grows every day and have a positive contribution to nature. Also consider an edible favor that won’t go to waste afterward – such as custom cookies or sweets. Be sure to look into eco-friendly wrapping too!

Donate – don’t trash – your décor

Have you considered that your décor might be the reason for someone else’s joy? Consider donating it to a company that will pick it up and deliver it to hospitals, charities, nursing homes. You can also find used wedding groups on social media where you can sell your décor to other couples that can re-use for their big day. This could be anything from fabrics and flowers to frames and candle holders.

Renting plates or using your personal collection for eco-friendly dining wedding

Skip the disposables – rent your tableware and linens

Instead of buying or using disposables, consider working with a rental company. Many of them have an incredible selection of tableware and linens. Additionally, you can choose to use sentimental pieces from your home or from your family and consider them “something borrowed”.

Recycled jewelry choices for something borrowed

Consider borrowing or wearing family jewelry and accessories

Consider wedding family jewelry as your “something borrowed”. This could bring even more sentimental meaning and allow you to skip the need to purchase new jewelry. Check with family members or close friends, or even your own personal jewelry collection. You might find pieces could work for your look and feel like you’re wearing accessories closer to heart.

Donate food leftovers

Many times, there is leftover food. Instead of throwing untouched dishes, consider donating them to a shelter. The food that has been spoilt by your guests can easily find its place in composting! Check with your caterers to see if they have this option.

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