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August 6, 2021

6 wedding send-off ideas – with style

From getting ready with your favorite people to celebrating the “I Do’s” among family and friends, wedding day is such an exciting and fun event for you and your guests to remember. But when the party is over and it’s time to go home, you want to go out with a pop! Wedding exits are a really fun way to celebrate the couple and have you walk among all of your guests that came to celebrate with you. Most times “exits” are at the end of the reception. But some couples choose to do this moment after the ceremony, particularly if you are hosting your reception at a 2nd location. Here are 6 ways wedding send-off ideas that will have you leaving in style.

Biodegradable confetti

Wedding send-off with biodegradable eco-friendly confetti

Probably one of my favorite send-offs. It’s so festive! Biodegradable confetti is a great way to still have the confetti moment, without having to use the plastic material. A much more green-friendly option!


Flowers are such a beautiful and fragrant way to leave. This could be fresh flower petals, dried flowers, or even leaves. You could go neutral with white rose petals, or kick it up a notch and choose bold colors that pop.

Flower exit for wedding day


You don’t have to be a kid to love bubbles! Bubble exits are a way to offer a colorful exit without the need to ‘toss’ anything. A few tips for bubble exits – make sure you get good size bubbles for your guests – avoid the small “party favor” size as they won’t produce bubbles for very last. Also consider a bubble exit that we can place in the back of your exit line for an extra wow factor.

Wedding day send-off with bubbles

Glow sticks

A newer trend, and one that’s really fun! Glow sticks can add a lot of color to your exit. Make sure you get the long glow sticks! Some variations outside of the typical glow sticks are the light-up sticks, or even lightsabers if you’re a Star Wars fan.

Wedding exit with glow sticks


This method is both eco-friendly and a subtle way to celebrate the day. You can attach specific colors to sticks that guests can wave around as you run through the link. This would be a great fit for an afternoon wedding or a post-ceremony send-off line.


Sparklers are a classic exit and for good reason. The lights always produce a warm, romantic glow and are really fun to run through. When purchasing your sparklers, make sure you get the longer option so that the sparkles don’t run out before you are going through them.

Sparkler exit ideas for weddings

Tips for a successful (and hella fun) send-off

Grand exits are great for photos, but they also serve as an opportunity to tie up the event and say goodbye to your guests. A few things you can do to ensure a smooth wedding send-off:

  • Hire a coordinator or planner – they are going to help organize the line, alongside the photographers, to ensure everyone is ready to cheer.
  • Take your time – with the adrenaline of a fun wedding celebration, it’s tempting to just run through. But take your time! Go slow, look at all your guests cheering you, and have fun with each other. This gives your photographer more time to take some fun and festive photos. I always encourage couples to dance, kiss and twirl their way through their send-off line.
  • Take the time of day in consideration – sparklers and glow sticks are great options for night time, while bubbles, flowers and ribbons might be better suited for either an afternoon wedding or a post-ceremony celebration.

Hope you found this list of wedding send-off ideas helpful as you continue planning your wedding. Be sure to check out some of my other tips here.

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